This Site Has Moved…

8 Feb

So the day has come. I’ve got my own site. So I shall now migrate everything over there. Well actually I’ve done that…for the most part. You will recognize the site as it’s pretty much a replication of what you see here. I’ll probably post at both area while you journey over there. So change your bookmarks if you were cool enough to bookmark this site. Update your RSS if you’ve subscribed and if you haven’t…what are you waiting for? And do whatever else you gotta do.

It’s a work in progress, but I want to get everything going over there so it’s quite possible some stuff is not gonna work or whatever. If that’s the case be a pal and shoot me an email so I can fix it 🙂 THANKS!!! ( (ignore every word being mundane and bold in older posts…prob not gonna have the time to fix that 😦 )

Also, be on the look out for a redesign…trying to get a friend to possibly hook me up?!?!?! We’ll see, but Iwanna get this thing looking legit, cause I’m diggin’ sharing music with you guys/gals and want it to be as aesthetic and glorious a look as it is a listen. So bare with me as I get things going, but in the meantime head to the new site from now on!

Oh and here’s a sweet song I’ve been listening to. You know I wouldn’t leave ya hanging. Check it.


“Do It Again” – Holy Ghost!



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