Top Albums of 2K10 – #1

4 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here


Matt & Kim – Sidewalks

So here we are. Album of the year. I only hope it’s late release didn’t sway it’s choosing. Then again, a month into the new year and I’m still rocking out to this album almost daily. If there is something that makes an album good then they’ve discovered it. I think what it is, is just plain ole’ fun. As I shuffle through this album all I can think of is how every track is like its own little party in my brain. It’s the type of album where you aren’t going to want to skip through a track to get to your favorite. You aren’t going to automatically go to track 7 because it rocks the hardest. You’re not going to repeat a track because it’s the only one you like. It’s a experience. An entire album experience. Maybe its best to describe it as a bit of a circus. It’s the collective whole that makes a circus so fun (or so says my childhood memories). Every piece is exciting and you can’t wait to see what’s next. There’s the lion tamer, then the chicks jumping around on elephants, then you got the small car full of clowns, and so on and so forth. It’s all exciting and fun in its own little way, but you don’t really want to just go and watch the car full of clowns and be done. Or at least that was my feelings. Maybe you really only love cars full of clowns or maybe you’re terrified of clowns? Whatev. So after this ridiculous explanation of why this is the best album of the year, I’ll just keep it simple, it’s the shizzz. Check it.

PS. I’d wrote something up last night, which miraculously was deleted. So I guess this morning my mind is in a circus mood? Ehhh?!?!


Peep some other tracks off the best album eva of2K10…



“Block After Block”


Well…was gonna embed the video for “Cameras” that was just released…but…it won’t let me (copyright blahh) so here’s a link




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