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14 Feb


Ok, so I’m gonna suspend posting on here now. You’ll notice a lot of the songs won’t work here anymore, that’s cause I moved a lot of them to another server and they aren’t linked correctly. In other words, just go to my new site and search for the post you want to listen to and it should work just dandy. So please just click HERE to get directed to my new site. It’s pretty dope and really nice layout so I think you guys/gals will enjoy it. And in case you don’t like to click little links like this one, then just go to this website….




I Don’t Need You…

12 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Like I always do at this time…I go to my list of bands I want to check out but haven’t had the time. A common occurance if you’ve followed my bloggity. So here I shall go and find something that didn’t automatically catch my ear, but I knew if I gave a chance might do the trick.

And what did I come up with? The band is, “The Colourist”. Immediately the thoughts of Death Cab come to mind when I listen to these guys. And if you can bring up those thoughts and still maintain originality then you’re heading in the right direction in my book. So here is the track, “Oh Goodbye”. And if you’re anything like me, and you like to jump on bands that are fresh and new, then here you go. A band with only an EP to their name. Check it.


“Oh Goodbye”


I Don’t Need You…

11 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Here’s some new stuff from a band I’ve been listening to for this past year or so. A super rhaspy, but catchy voice. The band is, “The Rural Alberta Advantage” and the new track is, “Stamp“. There is just something super addicting about this guys voice. That’s probably what draws me in. The music is great and all, but without the voice I’m not listening. Oh and the lyrics are pretty on point, so they got going for them as well. You shall see peeps. Grab the new album, “The Departing” on March 1, I think.  And as always, almost always, I’ll include an older track of theirs that I think is pretty awesome as well. Check it.




“Don’t Haunt This Place”



This Site Has Moved…

8 Feb

So the day has come. I’ve got my own site. So I shall now migrate everything over there. Well actually I’ve done that…for the most part. You will recognize the site as it’s pretty much a replication of what you see here. I’ll probably post at both area while you journey over there. So change your bookmarks if you were cool enough to bookmark this site. Update your RSS if you’ve subscribed and if you haven’t…what are you waiting for? And do whatever else you gotta do.

It’s a work in progress, but I want to get everything going over there so it’s quite possible some stuff is not gonna work or whatever. If that’s the case be a pal and shoot me an email so I can fix it 🙂 THANKS!!! ( (ignore every word being mundane and bold in older posts…prob not gonna have the time to fix that 😦 )

Also, be on the look out for a redesign…trying to get a friend to possibly hook me up?!?!?! We’ll see, but Iwanna get this thing looking legit, cause I’m diggin’ sharing music with you guys/gals and want it to be as aesthetic and glorious a look as it is a listen. So bare with me as I get things going, but in the meantime head to the new site from now on!

Oh and here’s a sweet song I’ve been listening to. You know I wouldn’t leave ya hanging. Check it.


“Do It Again” – Holy Ghost!


I Can Lift You Up…

6 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Like I promised, here’s what happens when you send me dope music. I post it. So if you make dope music (according to me) then send it to me. If I like it, it’ll find its way onto my blog. Simple as that. Send it here

So usually what I do when someone sends me music, and believe it or not I get a bunch, I give it the 10 second treatment. That’s where I start the track, wait 10 seconds, if it catches my ear, I continue to listen and judge it from there. If it doesn’t I skip to the middle and give it 5 more. If it hasn’t caught my ear at that point, I move on. Harsh? Maybe. But sometimes I have a hard enough time getting a post up in the first place, let alone listen to a bunch of 4 minute tracks. I think its fair to say that 15 seconds of play can give you a pretty good idea if somethings good. Maybe I miss a few good songs here and there, but I’m confident I have a good enough ear to tell whether something is good or not fairly quickly. Let me rephrase that, something I like enough to post on my blog. A lot of the stuff I won’t post is still pretty good, I just can’t get everything up. You understand 🙂

So to start this off right, I thought I’d hit you with something dope. The band, “Capital Cities”. 10 seconds was plenty of time for these guys. Heck, give them 2 and your hooked. I take that back, following the small drum solo (about 1 second) this track blows up. Way up. This beat is the shizz and a perfect mix in of the horns just rocks my world. Now comes the hard part, actually getting someone who can sing  and not ruin all the obvious hard work and skill that went into making this dope beat. Well that’s no problem here either. A nice mixture of great music with great vocals. So if you dig bands like “Empire of the Sun”, “The Limousines”, “Two Door Cinema Club”, and “Dan Black”,  then you’re gonna dig this band too. What do all those bands have in common? They’ve recently blown up and they’ve produced some of my favorite albums over the past 2 years. Soooo, it’s going to be fun to see what’s on the horizon for these guys. I predict big things. Check it.

PS. If you happen to live in my area…Los Angeles…they’re gonna be playing a show at the Troubadour (sweet!) March 19th. I’m gonna try my best to make it out. So maybe you’ll see me bobbin’ my head somewheres.

PSS. I highly recommend you hit up their site here… …and grab this track for free.


“Safe and Sound”


Soon You Will See…

5 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Phewwww, a sigh of relief. Now I can back to posting new stuff I find, just how I like it. I’ll be posting some awesome submissions I’ve gotten from a few people here in a couple days so be on the lookout for that. But on a nice bright and sunny Saturday afternoon (I Love Cali), I think I’ll just post some nice beautiful music. You’ve surely heard of them before, but a new track dropped from the Fleet Foxes and I’m really diggin’ it.  Def a good start to a much anticipated album. So here it is along with a refresher for those who haven’t heard of this fantastic band. Check it.

PS. Some of my music isn’t working on past posts, so if you notice that…I’m working on it…actually trying to migrate everything over to my own site here soon. It’s getting frustrating fixing it every couple weeks :/


“Helplessness Blues”



Top Albums of 2K10 – #1

4 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here


Matt & Kim – Sidewalks

So here we are. Album of the year. I only hope it’s late release didn’t sway it’s choosing. Then again, a month into the new year and I’m still rocking out to this album almost daily. If there is something that makes an album good then they’ve discovered it. I think what it is, is just plain ole’ fun. As I shuffle through this album all I can think of is how every track is like its own little party in my brain. It’s the type of album where you aren’t going to want to skip through a track to get to your favorite. You aren’t going to automatically go to track 7 because it rocks the hardest. You’re not going to repeat a track because it’s the only one you like. It’s a experience. An entire album experience. Maybe its best to describe it as a bit of a circus. It’s the collective whole that makes a circus so fun (or so says my childhood memories). Every piece is exciting and you can’t wait to see what’s next. There’s the lion tamer, then the chicks jumping around on elephants, then you got the small car full of clowns, and so on and so forth. It’s all exciting and fun in its own little way, but you don’t really want to just go and watch the car full of clowns and be done. Or at least that was my feelings. Maybe you really only love cars full of clowns or maybe you’re terrified of clowns? Whatev. So after this ridiculous explanation of why this is the best album of the year, I’ll just keep it simple, it’s the shizzz. Check it.

PS. I’d wrote something up last night, which miraculously was deleted. So I guess this morning my mind is in a circus mood? Ehhh?!?!


Peep some other tracks off the best album eva of2K10…



“Block After Block”


Well…was gonna embed the video for “Cameras” that was just released…but…it won’t let me (copyright blahh) so here’s a link



Top Albums of 2K10 – #2

1 Feb

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here


Dan Black – UN (Deluxe Version)

So this album is another one of those albums that technically has been out since 09′, but like I’ve said before, I live in the good ole’ U.S. of A. so therefore I say it came out in 10′. Well, cause it did, in the U.S. So that is why it has made my list. Well that and it’s flippin’ amazing. I also went ahead and chose the Deluxe Version of the album to put on my list. Mainly cause it includes and amazing remix of Symphonies, featuring Kid Cudi. You can check that track out and the rest of the “Symphonies Trilogy” as I like to call it here…

Now what to say about this album. Again, and you will find this a common trend in all of my musical likes, this is different. It’s not your typical music and it’s not your typical musician. Dan Black was to 2010 as Miike Snow was to 2009…for me. Idk what that means, but I always think of them together for some reason. I won’t try to explain.  Some of you will understand. This is a great album for somewhat unspeakable reasons. No not cause they are a secret, just cause I can’t really explain why I like it. I mean yeah its good music and yeah I enjoy it. But how it made it all the way to my #2 spot is really an unknown. And I’m not saying it doesn’t deserve to be there. What I’m saying is that it just has an unspeakable quality about it. Some music just does. You can’t pinpoint exactly what makes it better then the others, it just is. That’s Dan Black…for me. Original, catchy, dancey, lyrical, lovely, fun, and other descriptive words. So nothing else left to do but. Check it.


“U + Me =”

“Karate Kid”


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