Top Albums of 2K10 – #4

25 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this you my site has moved here


The Drums – The Drums

Reviving a genre. The Beach Boys would be proud, maybe, actually I have no idea, maybe they’d be jealous. Maybe you think I just made a blasphemous statement. Whatev. In my mind and my eyes this is the band that has brought back Beach Rock. Well there were a few bands I featured this year that kind of touched on the sound and did a fantastic job of it too I must say. But if there was one band that hit the nail on the head with the genre, this is it. Maybe to some it’s gimmicky and maybe those people listen to crappy music. Probably both. The Drums don’t just bring back a genre, they also do it justice, or better yet, take something from the past, breath life into it, and then spit shine it up until it looks brand new.

I grew up many a many a many night listening to the Beach Boys. You could bank on an album or two of theirs making its way round the record player at least one time through on the weekend, every weekend. So it’s not like this is something I haven’t been accustomed to hearing my whole life and all of a sudden I’m jumping on this “new” style of music. I know where it comes from, I loved it when I was a kid, and I’ve fallen back in love again today. So here’s to an amazing genre back in my life and amazing band doing it just right. That sorta rhymed. Bam. Check it.


“Let’s Go Surfing”




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