Top Albums of 2K10 – #5

24 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here


Sleigh Bells – Treats

If there was a more unique album last year that actually didn’t sound like a mumbled jumbled mess of crappy music then please inform me of it. Because, this is quite possibly the most unique sound to come out since….idk maybe the whole MGMT/Vampire Weekend sort of emergence of sound from 08′. Then again you could probably attribute that to a lot of different bands from decades past. As far as Sleigh Bells goes, can you really attribute their sound to something coherent or popular from the past? I can’t, or at least don’t have the musical prowness to claim to know of anything. I have to say that in a lot of ways their uniqueness is their appeal to me. How they are able to take such a RAW sound and make it coherent enough to enjoy and crazy enough to lose yourself in it. I’m starting to sound to hipster for my own good. So to be less so, I’ll just say it ROCKS! Plain and simple. Plenty of people are going to say it’s too crazy or too over the top or too something…but isn’t that what makes it so great. There is a fine line between too much and wayyyyy too much and they pretty much straddle that thing like one of those tight rope walkers across two giant buildings. But they do it none the less. Perfectly.

When I heard their mixture of demo type tracks from back in 09′ I thought…WOW, when they actually get some production behind this stuff it’s going to be crazy good. And… it was. This is a popular pick for a lot of Top Album lists from last year, but while some people are going to pick it just to be cool, I’m going to pick it at my 5 spot cause I frickin’ rocked my ass off to it all day every day for a long period of time. I liked it, I loved it, I cherished it. Well I still do, although a short break is in due order after many a rock out sessions. My two fav tracks can be found here  For the crazyness go there, for a more laid back (if you can call it that) check the track here. Blah blah blah….I’m done. Check it.


“Rill Rill”



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