Top Albums of 2K10 – #6

20 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this you my site has moved here


Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

So here’s the album that jumped up above Mumford & Sons to claim it’s spot on my list at #6. This album is easily one of the most complete albums of the year, but something it has going for it that most other complete albums had this year, is how much each track stood out alone. A lot of albums are good because of the way they flow and I’m not saying this one didn’t have that going for it as well. You could say this was an album of singles. By that I mean and I’m not kidding, nearly every song on this album could have been a single. Now what does that mean? Well you know how bands like to pick their most mainstream appealing or best song to release to radio station and whatever other musical outlet…they call that a single. Well I wouldn’t have been in the least bit surprised of them picking nearly any one of these tracks off this album. They all had that pizzazz or appeal that could make them a radio hit. They all had their uniqueness about them. They all stood out on their own. Now having said that, it makes you wonder how this album didn’t make it to the #1 spot on my list. Honestly, I wondered that myself listening to it the other day. I think my conclusion is I usually look at an album as a whole and more then about the music. It’s about the feeling I get. About what it reminds me of. About do I put it on when I’m feeling in a certain mood. I think all  or most the albums above that have a that going for them. This album, however, is more like what I put on when I just wanna listen to some catchy good tunes. Less emotional you could say. There isn’t a problem with that. It surely is a great album and I think if more people had given it a chance it would have made it to the top of others lists as well as mine. I heard a track on a video game the other day, I think NBA 2K11, and was like…”good for them”. So they are getting some recognition that they most def deserve. So go get your hands on this album and be expecting some great things out of this band coming soon. Check the link for a previous post, including a song by Hoodie Allen that samples a Two Door Cinema Club track. Then check a couple other tracks off the album and you can get a sense of what I mean by every song being single worthy. Check it.


“Come Back Home”

“I Can Talk”




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