Top Albums of 2K10 – #7

19 Jan

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Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

This was a pretty tough choice and to be honest right before I started typing this up I made a switch between #7 & #6. So in other words, this was my #6, but now it’s #7. Not a huge deal I suppose. Usually I’ll listen to the album the day I plan on typing up my post and that’s what I did here. For the album you’ll now find at the #6 spot….idk it just had sooooo many good tracks it had to make the leap ahead. That’s not to say this isn’t one magnificent album, because it is, and #7 on my list is pretty dang high up there, especially considering how much I liked the albums above and below it. So let’s get to my mini review on this thang.

Well firstly you can check out my previous post that tells the tale about how their single, “Little Lion Man”, hid from my ears for long time while I fell in love with the rest of this album, including the other track you’ll find there… .

So I guess you could call this the year of the banjo or at least its reemergence into the music mainstream. Believe me I’ve been digging it and nobody incorporated it into their music better than Mumford & Sons. As you can see from the rest of my list and the rest to come, if you can do something unique with your sound and still make it catchy and appealing to my ears then I’m probably really going to enjoy it. Now I haven’t heard anything like this…ever. It has its similar qualities to other bands like Flogging Molly or We Were Promised Jetpacks, maybe even a bit of a mix of the two you could say. Which is a good thing cause I like them both. But as a complete sound, nothing like it.

So like I said before, I loved this album long before I’d ever even heard the lead single off of it. You see I don’t listen to the radio…ever. So on a random occasion I did and you could understand how surprised I was to hear a really awesome song on the radio that sounded just like Mumford & Sons that I’d never heard. My first thought was, “Are they already releasing another album so quickly?” Then after a little lookey lou at the album track list, it turns out somehow my iTunes thought it would be funny to just delete a random track or something? Jerk. So “Little Lion Man” or not, this is a great album and you should def should be listening, whether you hate the Banjo or not. Check it.

PS. Check out another post of some other stuff the guys from Mumford & Sons worked on…



“The Cave”




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