Top Albums of 2K10 – #8

18 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here


The Limousines – Get Sharp

Now there are plenty of albums on my list that probably didn’t make many other Top Album lists. But at the least I could find almost all of them on a list or two with at least a mention. In this albums case….nothing. At all. Come on people! This is a GREAT album. I must, however, understand that some bands/albums go under the radar at nobody’s fault but the band or whoever markets that band. I mean if you don’t hear it you can’t like it. One song off an EP back in 09′ got me hooked and had I not heard it I probably would have been in the same boat. Thank goodness it introduced to a band, who in my opinion gave us the 8th best album this year. There are definitely some stand out tracks here. The track off the fortold EP (Scrapbook), “Very Busy People” made it’s way onto the full length for one. Another being, “Internet Killed The Video Star”. You can find my thoughts on those 2 in a previous post here . Those two alone carry this album a long way, but no album with 2 great tracks is gonna make my list, especially this high. So trust me the rest of the album stands out as well, including the track you’ll find below. Check it.





“Internet Killed The Video Star”



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