Top Albums of 2K10 – #10

13 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Alright, here I am. My Top 10.


I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business – The World We Know


I partially reviewed this album in a previous post, which I’ll link you to in a moment. So combine this and that and you get a semi-review. Either that or prob me just repeating myself, idk cause I’m not gonna read what I wrote previously. This is def a mood album. If I had to pick a top albums for a certain mood, this is my #1 album of the year for relaxation, chillness, sadness, somber, and all other similar synonym like moods you can think of. It just has that feeling. Not the one that brightens your day, but the one that just fits the mood. That will only make sense if you listen, so yeah do it. I would find it very difficult to find an album that has 4 better songs to start off an album. That really isn’t an overstatement either. Listen for yourself. They flow together so well that it is nearly impossible to distiguish where it begins and ends. Yeah, yeah, you can tell, but you get my drift…maybe. A masterpiece of music is probably an overstatement, but it’s on the verge. At least the best I heard all of last year. Now I’m not surprised to see Ace Enders (the singer) putting together such great stuff. He did it in 09′ with Ace Enders and A Million Different People and he did it again here with I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business. From what I’ve heard he has a few projects coming out again this year and he can release them under any moniker he likes, I’m sure they’ll be amazing. The link is below for more of a review on this album as well as 2 of the other tracks in the amazing beginning to this album. Check it.



“Sleep Means Sleeping” (Track 1)




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