Top Albums of 2K10 – #19(tie), #18, #17

2 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this you my site has moved here

Oops. So I totally left off an album and didn’t notice till now. It so happens that album ended up at #7 on my list. So because of this I will be giving you 3 albums today so I can stay on track. So I guess we’ll just call it a tie at #19? So here will be #19 (tie), #18, and #17. Check it.



Here’s the album that snuck into my list last second.  Even jumping a couple others to end up here…apparently tied for 19 or maybe it’s actually 18? Either way it was a great album and just what I’d hoped it would be. I just had to be honest with myself I suppose. MIA isn’t going to appease everyone with this album, probably cause everyone was hoping for another “Paper Planes” type track to take over the world. If you were expecting MIA to somehow go all poppy to appease the masses then that was a stupid assumption and you probably didn’t listen to her entire first album. Not to mention that track was a bit DIFFERENT to begin with. So no surprises with the new album. Cause this was just what I’d expected and just what I’d hoped it would be. Crazy, out there, insane, banging. So it did it for me.





Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Nightmare

This one is tough. I’ve seen this album at the top of many lists this year. And I totally agree that it was great. Although it won’t even make it as my top hip hop album of the year? I think what hurt it for me was the whole idea that Kanye would release a track every couple weeks. By the time the album dropped I’d basically heard the entire thing. Sorta killed it for me. Regardless, there are some fantastic tracks on here and I’m glad to see Kanye go back to the style of hip hop that made me fall in love with his stuff in the first place. Now if I could only get him to drop a few more “Monster” esche tracks on his next effort he might find his way to my #1 spot. Just a thought. I will say that “Runaway” was easily the best hip hop track of the year. First time in a while I’ve literally put a track on repeat for over an hour. Just that good.


“All Of The Lights”




OK Go – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky

This album may have etched it’s place in my Top 20 on one song alone (lie). Basically meaning it was easily one of my favorite songs of the year. That song being “This Too Shall Pass”. Lyrically amazing. Musically amazing. Video(s) amazing. Just an amazing song. To me it’s odd to think that, in my opinion, probably the 2 best videos of the year were….for the same song. First, the one everyone has seen with the whole Rube Goldberg setup and second (and my fav) the live version of the song. Both done in one take. Both amazing. But no its place here isn’t really due to one song alone. The whole album flows fantastically and there are some great songs throughout. Just when I thought OK Go would become that poppy artist who has to live off their great videos they go and release a REALLY solid album full of great songs that stand on their own, video or not.


“This Too Shall Pass”



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