Top Albums of 2K10 – #20, #19…

1 Jan

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Happy New Year! And what better way to bring in 2011 then with my Top 20 Albums of 2010. This list in no way claims to be the actual Top 20 Albums of the year, but then again who’s list actual is…Pitchfork…not a chance. What it does claim is to be my Favorite Albums of the year. So if you don’t agree…cool. Sorry. So probably the toughest choice of my entire list was picking what albums would make the list and what albums would be left out. That left a tough choice to round out the list and 20 and 19. Just a note, I literally just kicked off Electric President’s album, “The Violent Blue”, from my list and shed a tear in doing so. One of my favorite bands of all time, so let it be known that I’m trying my best to be less biased this year. There’s some quality albums that didn’t make my list, but 1. I didn’t have time to listen to everything I wanted as much as I wanted…sorry The Black Keys & Arcade Fire and 2. There’s only 20 spots and I’m too dang lazy to do a Top 50.

So how this will work is I’ll  give a quick thought on why I enjoyed the album for 20-11 and then maybe for the Top 10 I’ll do a full review of those albums…maybe. If I’ve already featured the band/artist then I’ll link you to that post. Then I’ll give you an extra track off the album that wasn’t in that post for you to check out. So listen here and then click the link and listen some more. So here we go… Check it.


Chromeo – Business Casual

So I’ve never really been into dance music, but this album did it for me. It basically single handedly got me into a completely different genre of music I wasn’t paying attention to. Thank you Chromeo.


“I’m Not Contagious”


Ben Fold & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue

This album convinced me that basically anything Ben Folds does is going to be good. Taking Nick Hornby’s lyrics, Ben Folds throws down a super catchy album that I was listening to constantly after it came out. I’d say this is one of the most underrated albums of the year. You don’t see it on anyones list, which to me is super surprising. It just seems like one of those albums that would have gotten a lot more appreciation then it did. From beginning to end a quality album.


“Doc Pomus”



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