31 Dec

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

So tomorrow I will begin posting my list of my Top 20 Albums of 2010. Don’t quote me on that. But it should happen, emphasis on should. I think I’ll start off with 2 albums a day for 5 days and then switch it up to 1 a day for my top 10. Be aware this could change on a moment of lazziness to some crazy 1 day Top 20 list, but I’m doubting that. Anyways, since today is the last day of 2010 I thought I’d share with you my Top 20 Albums of 2009. In hindsight I’d probably switch the order up a bit and add a couple albums to the list. For instance, not sure Say Anything was the Top Album last year anymore. I think what helped it get there for me was a late release and the fact that I think Max Bemis is a lyrical beast. Probably how he showed up twice on the list. So on that note, I will also hit you with my Top 5 “Resilient” Albums of 09′. In other words, the top 5 albums I continued to listen to throughout 2010.

PS. If any dope azz songs drop during this period of reminiscing 2k10 I’ll be sure to throw in an extra post here and there, so no worries homies 🙂

Top 20 Albums of 2009

1. Say Anything– Say Anything
2. Brand New– Daisy
3. Peter Bjorn and John– Living Thing
4. Passion Pit– Manners
5. Matt & Kim– Grand
6. Ace Enders and A Million Different People– When I Hit The Ground
7. Phoenix– Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
8. Miike Snow– Miike Snow
9. Owl City– Ocean Eyes
10. Lights– The Listening
11. Deas Vail– Birds & Cages
12. Dashboard Confessional– Alter The Ending
13. Two Tongues- Two Tongues
14. All Time Low– Nothing Personal
15. The Script– The Script
16. The Fray– The Fray
17. Gomez– A New Tide
18. Manchester Orchestra– Mean Everything To Nothing
19. Girls– Album
20. Glasvegas– Glasvegas

Top 5 “Resilient” Albums of 09′

1. Brand New – Daisy
2. Deas Vail– Birds & Cages
3. Passion Pit– Manners
4. Matt & Kim– Grand
5. Miike Snow– Miike Snow

So here’s one of my fav tracks from each of the albums with a bit of a twist, aka live, remixed, or in the case of Deas Vail…original cause that’s all I can find and it’s just plain musical beauty at its best anyways? Gotta keep it fresh. Check it.


“Bought A Bride (Daisy SessionsLive)” Brand New


“Birds” Deas Vail


“Sleepy Head (Acoustic Piano)” Passion Pit


“Daylight (Troublemaker Remix feat. De La Soul)” Matt & Kim


“Animal (Live MySpace Transmission)” Miike Snow


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