It’s A…

21 Dec

First Off….if you are reading this you my site has moved here

First heard this band on the intro music to some sports game I own….I think NBA2K something or other (also in the LittleBigPlanet video game as well, but a different song, “Get It Together”)? Also, I believe it is or was on a car commercial of some sort. In other words you may or may not recognize one of these songs. Well they are releasing a new album, “Rolling Blackouts“, so I thought I’d give them some love. A really DIFFERENT style of music. You def have to be in the mood for it. What bugs me the most is how much the lyrics are an afterthought. It seems like they are way off in the background and I’m constantly wishing I could actually hear what is being sung or said or whatever. Well other then that, I think it’s some super unique and enjoyable stuff. The band is, “The Go! Team“. And an older track (the one in the game and commercial) is, “Huddle Formation”, and my fav so far off the new album, “T.O.R.N.A.D.O.“. Check it.



“Huddle Formation”



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