Ding Dong…

16 Dec

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

Tis’ the season…to rock you out with the most amazing Christmas music you will ever hear! And who might you ask sings  my favorite Christmas tunes? Bing Crosby? No! Gene Autry? No! Nat King Cole? No! A bunch of other old school singers? No! It’s none other than….Family Force 5! You better believe it. Some of the most…and by some I mean, the most….unique takes on classic Christmas songs I’ve ever heard. Never have I wanted to dance so much to “Carol Of The Bells“. So check out a couple tracks of their album, “Christmas Pagaent”. Then go do yourself a favor and add to your Christmas collection and pick up the entire album, it is highly worth it!! Check it.

PS. I haven’t gotten a chance to make a post about FF5, but easily one of my all time fav artists…so check out all their music once you’ve gotten ur festive fill.

“Carol Of The Bells”

“Angels We Have Heard On High”





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