Baby Let’s Run Away…

26 Oct

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Another one of my favorite tracks comes from a guy formely known as PlayRadioPlay! and now known as Analog Rebellion. I must admit to being a fan of his older stuff, but I’m giving the new stuff  a try. I think it sort of lost its electonic pizzazzzz so to speak from when he was PlayRadioPlay! In saying that, the song I’m gonna give you doesn’t really have any of that. Maybe this song is more a victim of the circumstances in which I first heard it. It’s probably more of a song that will only connect with you if you can relate. That may be the case, but I can, and therefore, I guess it speaks to me. I love it. A lot. I’ll also hit you up with some of the newer stuff off the recently released EP as Analog Rebellion, “Dogs Are Better Than Cats“. Here’s the title track. Check it.


“Madi Don’t Leave”

“Dogs Are Better Than Cats”



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