You Say You Want Life, But You Stop Right Before The Good Part…

6 Oct

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

This album has one of my all time favorite introductions to an album ever. By introduction I don’t mean there is some catchy tune to start it off, what I mean is that the first 4 songs played in succession are a masterpiece. Now as much as I want to give you all 4 for you to enjoy in a row I feel that may be a bit of an overload. It’s odd but I’m not even going to give you the first 2 . I will however give you the final 2, which to me, are what the first 2 seem to build up to. (Notice on track 3 how the drums kick in at the perfect moment….ahhhh beautiful!) Now after the first 4 songs the album doesn’t go stale or anything, it’s just that the mood seems to change completely. I’m not sure why exactly, but song 5 & 6 just doesn’t seem to fit, while song 7 seems like it would go great into the pattern the first 4 create.  Regardless the album is amazing and a contender in my top albums of the year.

For a while I thought I’d do a post just focused on a guy by the name of Ace Enders, as he’s the lead singer of the band this post is focused on. I was going to feature a song from all three of his most popular bands he sings for. Those include, “Ace Enders and A Million Different People“, which is amazing, and some of you may have heard of his older band “The Early November“. However, I find that a singular post is needed just to feature his latest album he put out under the band name, “I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business“. This is his second full length album under that moniker and is a huge shift from my other favorite album of his he put out last year as “Ace Enders and A Million Different People” (#6 album of 2009 for me). Ace Enders is coming out with projects left and right lately so if you hear the name connected to an album, pick it up, it’s guaranteed to be amazing. One day I may feature my “everytime they touch something it turns to gold all-stars” and he’s definitely on that list (populated by others such as Ben Gibbard, Max Bemis, Ben Cooper, Peter Moren, and some others).

The songs here flow so great together I usually have to start from the beginning of the album and can’t stop listening till I get past track 4. Do yourself a solid and go pick up this album and experience the progression through it’s entirety, it’s breathtaking. Check it.

P.S. Click track 4 immediately after 3 to enjoy the progression 🙂


“Old Man……..” (track 3)

“You’re Not So Good At Talking Anymore” (track 4)



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