Gimme More Than The Life I See…

4 Oct

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Now I’ve been enjoying this for a while now, but I thought I’d share with you easily one of the best albums of the year, at one point my #1, and who knows could end up there in the end. Technically this album released last year, but more technically it didn’t release till this year in the US. So since I’m living in the US I’ma go by that. A super unique sound, like nothing I’d heard up to that point. This guy literally introduced me to entirely new genre of music. I’m not sure what I’d call it, but it’s something along the lines of, electronic music, with a bass line, with a laid back vibe, with amazing vocals, with a sprinkle of amazing. Well that was a horrible description, but it’s as good as I can give ya. You’ll have to listen for yourself and then decide what it sounds like to you.

Before I go any further the guy is Dan Black. Now to the track/tracks I’m gonna hit you with are one single track done 3 separate ways. I love this song so much that I can listen to all three back to back….to back, even if they are basically the same song musically. Now this song started off as one of my favorite covers ever and easily my favorite cover of a rap song ever. The track began it’s journey known as, “Hypntz“, a cover of Biggie Smalls track “Hypnotize“. I’m not sure its even possible to do a Biggie track  justice as a cover, but listen and you’ll see that Dan Black obviously does it here, it’s virtually PERFECT!. Well eventually Dan Black went on to release his full length and had to change the lyrics on the track (I assume there was a dispute with some of Biggies guys??? But don’t quote me on that. Actually listen to the lyrics of the new one and he talks about how he, “Lost a track. Struggled back.”). The track changed it’s name to “Symphonies” and as much as you’d expect it to not be able to live up to it’s original I gotta admit I think he took it to the next level. Armed with his own lyrics he kept the original feel that made the cover so great and put his own spin on it. Amazing. Now the third iteration of the track is a remix with the likes of a guy by the name of Kid Cudi. Now put Kid Cudi on any track and watch it become amazing. I love this version too, although there wasn’t much more that could be done to make this track any better then it was, but it’s def an amazing compliment to the original. Enjoy the trio of amazing. Check it.


“Symphonies (feat. Kid Cudi)”


One Response to “Gimme More Than The Life I See…”

  1. Flashing Beacon · November 3, 2010 at 5:59 am #

    my favorite song of Kid Cudi is “day and night” i just love that song :

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