Stuck Inside A Traffic Jam…

2 Oct

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Quick post. Heard this song at the end of the latest episode of Jersey Shore. Yeah I watch it, shhhh. It was super catchy, so catchy I had to go to just to look up who it was by. So I share it with you. On a side note, the rest of their music is, mehhhhh not good? Pretty much a bunch of songs about sex and the like. Sorta a LMFAO feel to it, except I love LMFAO. EDIT: I did find one other song I enjoyed by them…”Oh“. It’s as if they make two different styles of music, the style you’ll hear on this track and then this other style, which I tend to think is blahhh. Well this song is completely different so I’m not sure how they came out with this after listening to the rest of their stuff. The song is “Suicide Queen” and the band is Menya. Check it.


“Suicide Queen”



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