It Was Not Your Fault But Mine…

29 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

I never thought I’d love a group that used a banjo so much in their music. Turns out I ended up liking a couple this past year. One of them from a band you may or may not have heard on your local radio station. One of their songs got pretty popular for a while there. Another candidate for my top 20 albums for obvious reasons. Mainly cause their album rocked, duh. Funny story, I’d been listening to their album for some time when I heard a song of theirs on the radio. Thing is, I’d never heard that song before and when I found out it was by this band, I was like…”WTF? Did they come out with a new album already?” Nope, turns out somehow that track got deleted out of my iTunes and the entire time I’d been skipping over it. So suffice to say, I fell in love with this band all over again. So I ‘m gonna hit you up with my favorite track before I heard the one that got airplay as well as that one, since it soon became my favorite track. The band is, “Mumford & Sons” and the tracks are as follows. Check it!


“Little Lion Man”

“Sigh No More”



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