I Didn’t Know…

27 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

Ahhh, rushed, but I wanna get a post in for the day. Alright short and sweet. A band I randomly found one day that hasn’t put any music out since 08′, but it’s really good. Here’s to hoping something new comes out soon! The band is, “Blind Pilot“, and they’re pretty laid back soft rockish acoustic sound to it. Let’s be honest, you don’t hear too many tracks with a good horn section in it, or at least not with this style of music. I think it takes this song to the next level, crazy huh? Trumpets. Well here’s the track, “Ovidedo”. FYI the rest of their album, “3 Rounds And A Sound” is bomb. Check it.






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