Let Me Say…

24 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

Since I need to feature all the bands that I’ll have in the running for my top albums of the year I obviously got to give you this one. Easily one of the most unique bands/albums of the year. Sometimes unique is bad and sometimes it’s awesome in the case it’s SUPER AWESOME! Now this was a consistent “go to” for a lot of music blogs a while back; I know cause that’s where I found out about them. So although I’m late to the party, they’re still as good as ever. Like I said before, few female vocal groups catch my attention, but this one blows away all preconceptions I’ve ever formed.

The band consists of two peeps, a chick and a dude. Basically the guy provides the music and the girl provides the vocals. When they mesh the two together they get what is awesomely known as, Sleigh Bells. Now these aren’t your typical ching-a-ling, reindeer, christmas present, dashing through the snow, mistletoe, ho ho ho, kinda Sleigh Bells. This is the smash your face, blow your eardrums, rock you socks off, get down with your bad self, head bangin’, fist pumping not Jersey Shore style, rock duo. I could say a ton of amazing things about this band, but I think their music EASILY speaks for itself. Please, I repeat, PLEASE, do yourself the huge favor of finding the rest of their music in whatever means you find possible. You won’t regret it. I’ma be nice and give you two tracks, you deserve it buddy! First will be, “Crown On The Ground”, because it’s the track the stole my heart off their EPish compilation of songs. The second is, “Tell Em'”, off their new album “Treats“, cause it’s the track that crushed it (in a blew my mind and now I can’t see straight sorta way). Check it.

“Crown On The Ground”

“Tell Em'”





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