Tell Me Your Favorite Things…

23 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Alright, lets speed it back up today and hit you with a bit of that alternative funky fun rock style junk. Now I’ll start off giving props to a certain somebody (they know who they are) for introducing this band to me, although I never have officially said thanks. So, THANKSSooooo, I’m pretty darn sure this is gonna be one of my top albums this year as well. By the way, that reminds me….I’ll be featuring and reviewing my top 20 albums starting in December so be on the look out for that. For now though I’ll likely try to introduce a song or two from the potential candidates leading up to that point. I’ve already featured a couple other bands in the running so here’s another.

The band is, “Two Door Cinema Club” and the song is….uhhh dang this is another SUPER hard choice. I hate picking just one song cause I love so many off this latest album. I mean there’s the track, “Cigarette In A Theatre” that totally gets my blood flowing and in that dancey mood. Then there’s the track, “Do You Want It All“, which lyrically connects with me the most. There’s, “I Can Talk“, who’s intro is super dope. Hmmmm, I know what I’ll do (no not feature them all, sadly), but what I will do is feature one of those songs, plus an awesome song by Hoodie Allen that throws down some sick verses on top of Two Door Cinema’s track, “Undercover Martyn ” on his new album ” Pep Rally” (if you’re diggin Hoodie Allen check out my other post featuring him, . So it’s kinda like I’m giving you two Two Door Cinema Club tracks, sorta. I guess I’ll keep with the up beat mood I’m in and give you that dancey track. I do SUPER STRONGLY advice you go cop their album, “Tourist History“, or atleast go check out the rest of these songs and get a better idea of what this band brings to the table. Hottness. Check it.

“Cigarettes In A Theatre” – Two Door Cinema Club

“Words Of Wisdom” – Hoodie Allen


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