We Can Change The Things We Know…

16 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

Running behind, forgot to put something together, but didn’t want to leave ya’ll hangin’ (you see how I mixed a little country twang and then left off the g off hanging to make me sound gangsta’ ? That evens it out I think?). Probably to busy being giddy for the new “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” premier tonight. For your own sake, watch this show! So here’s a last second song, which honestly at the moment I’m typing this I haven’t even decided on. Right after the period in this sentence I shall scroll through my iTunes and find something random that I think you would enjoy.

Alright perfect. A band that actually came out with a pretty dope album just recently and has some older stuff I like too. So in other words you’ll get a double no whammy’s, no whammy’s, no whammy’s, stop. I’ll keep it short. The band is Faded Paper Figures. The new song is “Invent It All Again ” and the old song is “North By North“. Sort of a Death Cab/Electric President feel to it. Me likey. Check it.

“Invent It All Again”

“North By North”





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