You Fell Asleep Again…

12 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

You’ve probably heard of Vampire Weekend, yeah? And you’ve probably heard of Ra Ra Riot, less likely, but yeah? But, have you heard of the band Discovery, a lot less likely, no? Well if you haven’t, now you have. The band, formed in 2005, is made up of keyboardist/multi instrumentalist Najmieh Batmangij from Vampire Weekend, and vocalist, Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot.

A quick description of their music is…basically a bit of electronic indie rock mixed with vocals you’d expect from both of their original bands. If you’re not a fan of a bit of over production then this probably isn’t your style of music. I personally tend to steer away from it myself, but for this, I’ll make an exception. There’s def a lot of production on the vocals here, but its done so well and it really fits the music, so to speak.

Their only album dropped in July of last year entitled LP. From start to finish it’s a blast to listen to. Happygolucky, dance-ish, partyful, funesque, are mainly words I just made up, but also ways I’d describe their music and this album. LP also happens to contain one of my favorite covers of all time. Discovery takes a classic Michael Jackson (Jackson 5) track and turn it on its head. Very well done. Also check out the song Orange Shirt, which I won’t include here, but is def worth a listen, trust me. What I will include here is my favorite track, “Osaka Loop Line“, and that awesome cover, “I Want You Back“. Check it.

“Osaka Loop Line”

“I Want You Back”



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