Ha ha ha ha…

11 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

So as I promised the other day, here’s the last of my recent finds in the Beach Rock genre. Out of all of them, this is easily the most raw, very raw. And by raw I mean, its not over produced. Not saying the others were, but compared to those this is super raw. Raw raw shish boom bah. Anyways. You’ll see. Sorta like the sound of Sleigh Bells before their full length came out. Oh you don’t know who Sleigh Bells is, I assume? That’s sad. But I’ll drop the name just cause its the only real comparison I have. He wasn’t hiding his musical direction when he named the band, that’s for sure. The name? “Wavves

Well…..I don’t have much to say. The dude is from San Diego, so props to a guy outta my hometown (original). This song isn’t my fav of his, that would be “Idiot“, but this is a close second and I think more appealing to others, “King Of The Beach“. Nevermind, you know what, here’s both, cause why not. (Yeah I could of just deleted the last couple sentences and just said I was giving you two songs….but….I’m lazy) That’s all I got…just check it out. Check it.


“King Of The Beach”




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