Suspended In Sweet, Sweet Summer Love…

9 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Another band with a really, really, odd name. This time its “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head“. The first time I heard the name of this band, I thought it was a joke and in no way did I think their music would resemble anything close to good. I was wrong. Horribly. In fact, their music is quite awesome. In the, it makes me want to wear bright colors and rock a pair of turquoise colored wind pants. Call me old school, but I like when a band takes a classic sound and refreshes it. In this case, they take that 80’s new wave/synth pop sound and add some sick bass lines.

Well I guess the name being quite odd and a bit off putting to uninformed music fans, they changed it. Now going by the moniker “Brite Futures“. Same awesome sound, new less weird name, but to be honest I kinda grew fond of telling people to check out this band and seeing their “are you serious” look back. But it is what it is, they could name themselves “The Giant Rhino Horns” (dibs) or whatever they’d like, I’d still dig their music. So here’s my fav, “Me + Yr Daughter” so chickity check it out peeps. Check it.


“Me + Yr Daughter”



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