I Thought My Life Would Get Easier…

8 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

As you may have been able to tell, as of late, I’ve been on this beach rock kick. I guess that’s what happens when you move from podunk Kansas to within a quick drive through Topanga Canyon to hit up the beach, anytime, anyday. Even if that wasn’t the case, I think that beachy sounding music is making a strong comeback. Growing up listening to the Beach Boys on vinyl at least once a week (it was in my father’s constant rotation) I grew to love the sound. Now hearing it make this sort of resurgence into the music industry has me pretty excited. I’ll feature another beachy artist later this week (if not tomorrow) as well, but for today I’m gonna have to throw out the Big Kahuna so to speak of the recent emergence. I constantly update my top 20 albums of the year (I make one every year) and as of right now this album is sitting comfortably at #3. That’s a pretty darn huge accomplishment thinking back to all the awesome albums to already come out this year. And who knows,  it could easily move up depending on my mood when I it comes down to finalizing the list.  I won’t give away those above it, but rest assured you’ll be hearing their music here soon as well. The band is “The Drums” and the song is “Book Of Stories“.

This is quite possibly one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. I haven’t heard anything have so many different, seperate, catchy parts mixed into one track. It’s as if there is 4 seperate chorus’ back to back to back to back. You’ll see what I mean. Try your best not to have this track stuck in your head throughout the rest of your day. Just try, it’s not possible. And it doesn’t end with this one track, the whole album has that effect. Don’t hate me if this makes you wish you were strolling down the beach as you listened. You’ve been warned. And if you don’t live by the beach, 1. I’m sorry 2. This is probably as close as you could get, musically, without actually being there. I’ve read and listened to a few interviews with these guys and it seems they were trying to get away from that beach rock label placed on them from their previous album. I can’t understand why though. I think they should embrace it. It’s what makes their music so unique in today’s day and age and what keeps me coming back for more. I mean, you can only listen to so many pop/rap collabs before you wish Katy Perry would just go away. Seriously though, go away, and while you’re at it take all that Disney crap music with you. Ughh, vent, sorry.

And if you get the chance, go check out some of their music videos. The lead singer is…unique…to say the least. I can’t tell if I’m watching a band who just released an album this year or a band from the 60’s? That’s awesome. The video (and song) for “Let’s Go Surfing” is pretty amazing too, so you should check it right after you listen to this track 43 times in a row…minimum. Check it.


“Book Of Stories”





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