Guess What…

4 Sep

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

So I’m pretty much digging all the great hip hop coming out sampling the indie music scene (actually she’s signed to a major label but does indie artist really mean the same thing anymore?). I especially love it when they sample a less known artist that I tend to love. In this case it’s a guy named Hoodie Allen sampling a girl that goes by the name Marina And The Diamonds. I’m not sure who to make this post about, one or the other? In that case, I’m just gonna make it about both of them.

I just recently found music by Hoodie Allen and I’ll be honest, I prob wouldn’t think twice about listening, had it not been for this song. Like I said before, he samples a great indie track by Marina And The Diamonds called I Am Not A Robot. Let’s say he does it….really well. So heres another artist that can thank Kid Cudi for making it more mainstream to take a hot beat from an indie artist and rapping over the top. It’s sorta my new favorite thing to listen to. Hmmm I guess you could say Hoodie Allen is sorta like what it would sound like if Asher Roth anKid Cudi had a music baby. That’s the best description I can give, I think it’s pretty accurate.

Now for the song, I Am Not A Robot by Marina And The Diamonds. Well lets just say I love it. I’m kinda lost for words as how to describe it though. Sorta a poppy track with a bit of electronic feel to it. I guess it’s just one of those songs that speaks completely for itself. It really is…unique. So I’ll shut my mouth and let it do that (or is it shut my fingers?).

Make sure you listen to the track by Marina And The Diamonds first, so you can get a better appreciation for Hoodie Allens track. Check it.


“I Am Not A Robot”, Marina And The Diamonds
“You Are Not A Robot”, Hoodie Allen



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