I’m Cooler Than Them…

29 Aug

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

Beach rock , as I like to call it, seems to be blowing up as of late. Only in the last couple months I’ve found myself listening to, at the least, 3 seperate bands that I’d categorize as such. I’ll be sure to feature at least one of the others soon enough, as they are one of my favorite new bands of the year. For now here’s the band Magic Kids. The song here is Hey Boy and it caught my ear from the sing along style intro, super catchy.

If you’re in for a good show, check out (YouTube) a couple of their songs from a live backyard, bbq, kids birthday, style concert. It’s quite the interesting watch and makes me believe this is a different sort of crew then you’d expect from a lot of bands. Well it’s Sunday, enjoy, back to being lazy. Check it.


“Hey Boy”





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