Your Body Is A World…

27 Aug

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here

Day 2 of the blog and what better than a 2 for 1. And by that I mean 2 great songs, 1 great artist. If someone was to recommend a band to you by the name of Starfucker what’s the first thing that’d pop in your head? Prob something along the line of “what kind of crappy hardcore emo music do you listen to?” But in this case, it’s quite the contrary. (Note: I debated whether to refer to this band as Starf**ker or Starfucker and obviously went with the latter. I mean, it’s their name, it’s derogatory, but it’s still their name, and out of respect for their music and just artistic expression in general I went with it. Sorry if that offends anyone :/) So there they are, Starfucker. What kind of name is that? I partly applaud them for obviously going for a name that probably limits them as far as commercial appeal. It sorta makes it so that their music has to stand for itself. I’m sure lots of people may be turned away from them from the name alone. But let me just go ahead and say that the second one of their tracks starts blasting its amazing tunage through your speakers it won’t even matter. Their blend of electronic music and poppy vocals does wonders for my ears. I honestly haven’t heard such a catchy tune as Pop Song in a long while. If there was one qualm with the band its that in some of their songs they leave a lot to be wanted in terms of vocals, and by vocals I just mean they don’t sing enough. These songs have been around for a while now, circa 2008, old right (they did just release a new EP recently)? Well I just discovered their glory so they’re new to me and maybe they can be new to you too. Wouldn’t that just be nifty 🙂

I decided I couldn’t help myself and I felt the burning desire to post more than one song by these guys. This will probably be a common occurrence and I’m not ashamed of it. When I hear such an amazing cover I feel it must be consumed by the masses. So I shall not impede it, but help its spread. What song did they cover you ask? Well to some of my close friends I only need refer to runaway lawn mowers and senior year highschool prom. To those not so familiar with my references…Guys that song you wished every girl lived by….Girls that song you, at some point in life, referred to as your theme song. Girls Just Want To Have Fun is a classic in its own right and I think what they did with this cover takes it to a whole new level. Check it.


“Pop Song”

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”



One Response to “Your Body Is A World…”

  1. Oey August 27, 2010 at 4:42 am #

    Very good recommendations sir. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the cover. Took me right back to senior prom. Keep’em coming!

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