A Brief Introduction…

26 Aug

First Off….if you are reading this my site has moved here http://myuniversallanguage.com/

For as long as I can remember music has engulfed my life. Whether it was the countless hours sitting on my bedroom floor creating my own top 50 playlist from my collection of CD’s to volunteering as a radio DJ throughout highschool, I’ve always loved music. That’s a constant, it hasn’t stopped, it never will.Growing up I’ve changed my taste in music constantly to the point where now I’ve grown to love almost all types.

A new song a day keeps the dullness of life away, or so I say. Everyday (well most) I’ll be posting a new song (or maybe not so new) that has caught my ear and is something I think I should share with whom ever decides they’d like to listen. I’ll probably throw together some sort of brief description of why I like it, why you should like it, or just plain why I decided to share its glory with you. Maybe I’ll stir up a few sentences and entertain you with a little diddy about the band or artist. I like the nostalgic feelings of how how a song takes me back to when I first heard it, or how it reminds me of a time in my life, so maybe I’ll drop that knowledge on you as well.

My musical taste runs the gamut, so there’s no telling what I’ll post on a daily basis. One day it could be a relaxing and laid back tune, the next an over the top crazy electronic masterpiece, and the next a club banging rap joint. Either way you’re taste buds will likely be stimulated. So turn those speakers up, slap on some ear thumping headphones, or turn whatever piece of electronic music producing gear you got to its maximum a  reasonable level and enjoy my favorite tunes!


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